This program provides the consumer with a less restrictive housing option that focuses on the consumer's strengths and builds skills to live independently while providing more intensive outreach support. The goal of our CLS program is to help adults with special needs develop their skills so that they can live successfully in the community and become as independent as possible. LoveJoy Community Services will work with consumers to create a treatment plan that can include:
•attending psychiatric medication briefs;
•regular meetings with case manager;
•regular attendance to groups or individual therapy;
•taking medications as directed.

What is CLS?

Community Living Supports are used to increase or maintain personal self-sufficiency, facilitating an individual's achievement of his goals of community inclusion and participation, independence or productivity. The supports may be provided in the participant's residence or in community settings (including, but not limited to, libraries, city pools, camps, etc.).

Services includes
I.Assisting, reminding, observing, guiding and/or training in the following activities:
•meal preparation
•routine, seasonal, and heavy household care and maintenance
•activities of daily living (e.g., bathing, eating, dressing, personal hygiene)
•shopping for food and other necessities of daily living

II.Staff assistance, support and/or training with activities such as:
•money management
•non-medical care (not requiring nurse or physician intervention)
•socialization and relationship building
•transportation from the beneficiary's residence to community activities, among community
•activities, and from the community activities back to the beneficiary's residence (transportation to and from medical appointments is excluded)
•participation in regular community activities and recreation opportunities (e.g., attending classes movies, concerts and events in a park; volunteering; voting)
•attendance at medical appointments
•acquiring or procuring goods, other than those listed under shopping, and non-medical services

III.Reminding, observing and/or monitoring of medication administration

IV.Staff assistance with preserving the health and safety of the individual in order that he/she may reside or be supported in the most integrated, independent community setting.

Program Goals

•Provide a safe and healthy environment for our consumers
•Assist our consumers in successfully assuming the role of tenant and neighbor.
•Maintain independence and a positive quality of life in the community, and
•Avert a cycle of dislocation or homelessness.
•Provides housing opportunities and supportive services to consumers who require minimal supervision on a day to day basis.
•Provide Support Coordinators who will coordinate mental health services and concerns with community providers.
•Provides life skills training, care coordination and housing support services that are individualized
•Assist with transition to permanent community housing.

Criteria for Admission

Our CLS program is available in the Detroit, MI and Livonia, MI areas. To qualify individuals have to meet the following criteria:

•are 18 years of age or older;
•are residents of the state of Michigan;
•are not considered dangerous to themselves or others;
•have a diagnosed disability
•possess minimal basic adult living skills that will allow them to maintain an apartment.


If you are interested in receiving CLS services and want more information on financial assistance that may be available, we would suggest you reach to your local Community Mental Health agency.

Detroit Area: (include links to each agencies website)

Wayne Center
Gateway Community Services
Community Living Services
Detroit Central City CMH

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